Advancing Leadership Adult Program

Advancing Leadership Adults (ALA) is a nine-month leadership development program. Participants develop their individual strengths, work in diverse groups, and discover key components of a successful community. Local, regional and state leaders guide them through the process, including a team project that allows them to implement what they’ve learned.


Leaders graduate from our program fully prepared to join the growing network of AL graduates in the Puget Sound area who are trained, connected and committed to action. We seek participants from every cultural and socio-economic background, stage of life and level of leadership experience. The network you build during your ALA year will continue to expand once you graduate. We have hundreds of graduates in leadership positions in Federal Way, Tacoma, Grays Harbor, Auburn, Kent, Covington, across Puget Sound, and beyond. 

Each month participants engage in a program day that is specifically designed to highlight one trait that is critical to the success of modern leaders. To bring additional depth leaders will be challenged to apply these critical leadership skills to each of their individual strengths and the strengths of their peers. Our commitment to quality leadership development curriculum is one of the reasons why leaders from across King and Pierce county have partnered with Advancing Leadership since 1998.

Applications are available on the website each spring. Once participants are chosen, they are presented at the graduation/celebration of the existing class, then begin their own AL class in the fall.

Hear from our alumni!

"Each class has had its own unique impact on my life. Each activity has been thought-provoking and deeply meaningful. Thank you for the time, energy and thought given to this program. Forever grateful!”

"AL couldn’t have come at a better time for me.  I was brand new to the Federal Way community. AL provided me the opportunity to meet and work with many other community leaders in a very unique way.  Without it, it probably would have taken me at least 2 years to establish relationships with those same individuals. Programs like AL provide leaders with the opportunity to learn and grow with others.  It increased my awareness of both personal strengths and weaknesses as a leader.”

"I have learned so much about community, leadership skills, collaboration, and thinking through things. I reevaluated a lot about collaboration in challenging situations.”“ It gave me a look at people involved w/ our own city outside of my profession. I got a great outlook on how people see their own city."