ALY 2.0 – Second Year Youth Program

ALY 14 grad pic

WHAT IS THIS? In 2012, we added a second year program for graduates of Advancing Leadership Youth: ALY 2.0 .  This program enables you to build on the foundation of your first year of ALY in two ways: you will take on a leadership role in the school district, and you will learn how to take charge of your future as you prepare for life after high school.  The focus and format of this second year program tackles strategies for personal success that apply to your post-grad plans and beyond.  ALY 2.0 will help you feel confident and prepared as you enter the next stage of your life.

WHY DID IT START?  You asked for it!  During the first year of ALY, participants start developing relationships with each other and adult leaders and learning about their own leadership potential, the factors that make up a successful community, and the inner workings of their own city.  The momentum peaks right about the time the program is wrapping up.

ALY 2.0 continues the transformation by taking your experience to the next level.  You will explore key areas that will prepare you for success in the adult world, where you will be making many critical decisions independently.  You’ll continue to meet and collaborate with fellow ALY friends, but instead of a one-time team project, you will spend a full year as part of the the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Committee, thanks to a partnership with Federal Way Public Schools.

WHO IS IT FOR? ALY grads who are still enrolled in high school will be eligible to participate.  If you have completed ALY and would like support from lots of successful leaders while focusing in on your individual hopes and dreams, you don’t want to miss ALY 2.0!

WHEN DOES IT START, AND WHAT’S THE TIME COMMITMENT?  All ALY alumni still enrolled in high school will be contacted to join ALY 2.0.  There are 5 extended sessions during the school year, as well as some extra meetings for the FWPS Superintendent’s Student Advisory Committee.  ALY 2.0 participants are also strongly encouraged to support the current ALY first year team project.

ALY 2.0 sample calendar (pdf)

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