How it Works

The AL program is designed to bring together emerging leaders from across our community for in-depth examination of key community components, intensive leadership training and a chance to work with over 100 local change agents. You will learn how to successfully utilize your own leadership style, explore your city at a whole new level and work with the most successful leaders in our area. No matter who you are, we are confident your AL experience will challenge you, enlighten you and inspire you to act on your passions!

In order to be accepted in the ALA program you must:

  • Fill out an application
  • Receive an interview and leadership assessment
  • Tuition payment received ($1250)
  • Complete personality profile prior to opening retreat
  • Commit to attending opening retreat


  • Applications are available January 15 through May 1.
  • After May 1interviews are scheduled and leadership assessment will take place during interview time.
  • All candidates will be contacted about whether they have been accepted into the program and will be provided with next steps.
  • Accepted candidates are invited to the current cohort graduation/celebration event.
  • We will invoice for the upcoming program year a week after acceptance into the program. Tuition for individuals can be paid monthly, quarterly or semi-annually. Current tuition  for the program is $1250. This includes food, textbook, payment for speakers and a project budget.
  • Opening Retreat is held in mid September. Program days typically start at 8am and end at 5pm. Schedule details will be available by June.
  • Program days are held every third Thursday of the month. (Subject to change due to holidays and host facility scheduling. Project days are not included.)
  • Program calendar starts in September and ends in June.
  • Every cohort is responsible to complete a community project. There are four project work days scheduled to help facilitate logistics. However, each cohort is expected to meet and work outside of scheduled time.
  • Deadline for project completion is the end of May.
  • Graduation/celebration event takes place in June.

Things to prepare for:

  • During program year, leadership material is expected to be read.
  • After two unexcused absences, (an unexcused absence is any absence without written notification 24 hours prior to program day), you will be invited out of the current year’s program and asked to re-apply.
  • Site visits are built into every program day so expect to walk.
  • We aim to consider food allergy concerns when purchasing lunch, however it serves everyone to ask us prior to program day so necessary adjustments can be made.
  • The ALA candidates range from a multitude of different industries and organizations with various levels of leadership experience. We ask that everyone be respectful of the diverse viewpoints presented and handle crucial conversations with honesty and openness.

The Candidate Pool:  We classify in 3 groups:

Company Sponsored candidates: Company sponsored candidates are individuals selected by their company to enroll in the ALA program. The company sponsored level starts at our Develop Sponsor Level. Candidates chosen from this level are automatically accepted in the program, however must fill out application and complete leadership assessment.

Small Business candidates: Our small businesses tend to join at the Engage Sponsor Level. Candidates have automatic program acceptance however, may be put on a waiting for the following program year.

Individual candidates: Individuals from all walks of life are encouraged to apply. Every candidate will receive a scheduled interview and will be asked to complete a leadership assessment. Candidates chosen are based on a rubric of measurements to determine a healthy group mixture and it is NOT a determination of leadership aptitude or pedigree. We encourage every candidate to be themselves and share honestly. “Padding your resume” or story would actually hurt more than help.

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