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Alumni Updates

Nimotalai (Nimo) Azeez, ALY ‘11 has a new position as a research assistant at the Alan M. Voorhees Transportation Center in New Brunswick, NJ.

Jordan Crahan, ALY ’12, was a featured speaker at TEDx WWU on April 16th. We asked him to tell us about his talk and the overall experience:

JC: I first got involved when I saw an advertisement on campus saying that people could apply to be a TED speaker. I love anything TED related, and think the way that the organization educates and empowers so many people is great. Remembering some of the lessons I learned in ALY, and naturally wanting to be a part of something as cool as TEDx,  I decided to apply.

I’d been exploring ideas surrounding aspects of the free market economy and how we could improve social well-being, as well as systems of government if only we were willing to look past the free market as an institution that exists only to make money, and decided that was my “idea worth spreading”.

I focused the talk specifically on the stock market, and how we as society could use the stock market as a model for incentivizing and rewarding socially responsible behavior within our businesses and governments. I hoped that the audience would have a few main takeaways from my talk:

1) Doing good for society and doing good for business can coexist. It is possible (and highly advisable or necessary) to do both.

2) When striving to make change it is critically important to understand what is currently working and what is not before acting. Often times pieces of the solutions to our biggest problems are already in place, we just haven’t put everything together yet. Change requires perseverance.

3) We need to demand that modern economics operates in a way that is representative of our societal values if we are serious about addressing the largest environmental and socioeconomic problems of our time. Making money for the sake of making money is no longer an acceptable objective.

I learned more than anything that big ideas require even bigger preparation. I was lucky enough to be surrounded by a great team of people that worked with me and challenged me every step of the way to make sure that my idea was fully developed and ready to share with the world. Anyone is capable of achieving great things, but often the greater the thing you are trying to accomplish the more you need to be willing to commit to make it a reality.

See more about Jordan’s TED Talk.

Congratulations to Caleb Dawson, AL ’12, incoming Student Body President at Gonzaga University.

Anja Emmons, AL '10 has been promoted to Manager of Valuations at Weyerhaeuser Company.