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ALY Gives Weyerhaeuser Hope for Our Future

ALY Alumni Andrea, Jason, Sara, and Raelena.

In a recent issue of its internal newsletter, Root News, Weyerhaeuser published an article entitled, “40 Reasons to Believe in the Future.” What were those 40 reasons? This year’s Advancing Leadership Youth!

The article focused on the experiences of Andrea Diep and Jason Palmer, ALY ’15 and recent grads of ALY 2.0, and Raelena Baldwin and Sara Ichinaga, ALY ’16.

Andrea and Jason shared the impact of their ALY 2.0 site visits on their career plans. As the article explained, “The first year she (Andrea) chose advertising, where she ‘learned a lot.’ But in her second year, Andrea spent time at St. Francis Hospital, where her work with a mentor and exposure to the field led her to choose a path in public health.”

Jason also found the ALY 2.0 site visits inspiring. “I knew there weren’t many African-Americans in IT or engineering, but I met someone at MicroSoft,’ he says. ‘It was inspiring and a confirmation that I could choose this career if I wanted."

The article also shared details about ALY’s community project and Sara’s personal growth that resulted from her experience. “Before the program I was in my own bubble and didn’t think about the community. Now I have a different perspective. I saw another side of my community and I want to help people. The best part is getting connected as kids and seeing how we can do something in the world."

Also quoted was Melanie Freiberg, Advancing Leadership board member and human resources director for Weyerhaeuser’s Wood Products business. “I love the fact that there’s both an adult and youth program because that is truly sustainable. It impacts the current generations and the ones to follow. The program taps into all the important areas — leadership, community, sustainability and diversity.”

To read the full article, click here.