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Korum For Kids Sponsors Summer Internship Program

Korina (ALY '18) and Kevin (ALY '19) recently completed 5 week internships made possible by a grant from the Korum for Kids Foundation

A big thank you to the Korum for Kids Foundation for providing Advancing Leadership with a grant to fund two student internships! If it were not for this grant, these two students wouldn’t have had the chance to partake in bettering their community and gaining experience working in the nonprofit sector. The Korum for Kids Foundation continues to enable the growth and improve the quality of local communities by supporting programs and organizations that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

The AL interns worked with the organization for 5 weeks. During the internship, they gained valuable exposure to other professional and personal skills that aren’t necessarily taught in school. Korina and Kevin were able to apply these skills and help plan program days for ALY. During meetings, they were given a space to be able to speak their truth and provide fresh perspectives to the group. Throughout the internship, other skills that the interns had to consistently show were their organization, communication, and leadership abilities. They come out of the internship with more experience in the private sector along with work with people they don’t typically work with every single day. 

To learn more about the amazing work that Korum For Kids does throughout the Puget Sound click here.