Why We Exist

Advancing Leadership, located in Federal Way Washington, sprung from a fundamental need for a more dynamically engaged community. It was about inspiring the leadership capacity that resides in a diverse population that may not have had the opportunity to realize and apply their leadership potential. We purposefully directed our efforts toward individuals who were innately "life-long learners" with capacity, self-motivation and a high degree of commitment to the community.


Participants in our program can expect to be challenged. Our program asks leaders to honestly identify their strengths and consider how they can be best applied in individual and team environments. Throughout the course of this hands-on leadership experience, participants learn from trained facilitators, business and government leaders, and each other in a unique environment that has set Advancing Leadership apart since 1998.


Our curriculum is based on several foundational beliefs. To truly empower leaders to be their best we must focus on:

  • Identifying and developing their natural strengths instead of trying to improve weaknesses. Why try to improve something you will likely never be good at when you could spend that time refining what makes you the best version of yourself? 

  • Collaboration through peer and service-learning. Our goal is for you to learn as much from your peers as you do from our facilitators and guest speakers. Program days provide ample opportunities to listen to, learn from, and work with your peers. Additionally, each class participates in a service project on behalf of a deserving organization in our community. The service project services as a capstone opportunity for our leaders to put into practice the skills they have refined and continued to develop throughout the program year.

  • Commitment to long term change. Leadership is a life-long journey and while your time in Advancing Leadership is intentionally designed to be a transformational experience, our goal for you is that your experience will inspire you to a lifelong commitment of learning and leadership development.

We hope to have the opportunity to work with you to help make a difference in your business and our community!