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Advancing Leadership Develops The Emerging Leader in Each of Us
Our Mission: Advancing Leadership transforms passionate people into a community of extraordinary leaders. Our comprehensive program builds relationships, develops personal strengths, and inspires a commitment to action.

Leadership Training That Stands Out: Most leadership courses are industry specific or focused on a particular goal, group or cause. AL and ALY exist because we believe each person has what it takes to lead. We help you identify your strengths, goals and passions, while building knowledge and skills that can be applied to every leadership opportunity.

Professional Advantage: AL is professional development that gives you an edge throughout your career. You learn alongside the most diverse group of classmates you will ever have, not just people from one company, job type or industry. This is an opportunity to focus on YOU: your leadership style, your passions, your priorities. You’ll complete AL with new connections who know you and want to help you reach your goals.

Civic Advantage: AL and ALY bring you face to face with the issues facing our community, the people involved in addressing them, and how you can get involved. You work alongside hundreds of leaders, and your new network will continue to help you help others – whether you come to us with a dream in mind, or discover a new one during your program year.

Student Advantage: ALY is not a one-day summit, or a club with a singular focus. You develop real relationships with other teens and adults from across the city, exploring issues that will impact you all your life, no matter where you go or what you do. ALY challenges you to see yourself as a leader – right now!


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