Advancing Leadership Youth 1.0 Program

Q: What IS ALY?
ALY is a youth leadership program designed for high school sophomores and juniors.  You will learn about your own leadership style, how to work with and inspire others, discover lots of things you didn’t know about Federal Way and meet the most successful leaders in our area who also want to hear from you. If you put your best into it, your ALY experience will change your life!

Q: Who should apply?
You must be a sophomore or junior during the time you participate in ALY; this means that you will go through application and selection when you are a freshman or sophomore, then begin the program the following school year. IMPORTANT: You must commit to participating fully in the program; this includes attending all monthly sessions, doing your part on your team project, and attending graduation.

Q: How are students chosen to participate?
An independent selection committee chooses ALY participants at each school. Qualities sought in an ALY applicant are motivation and commitment to program participation, evidence of leadership potential and interest in serving the community.

Q: Is there a fee?
No. Thanks to the generous support of our partners and the community, you can participate free of charge.

Q: How much time will I be spending on ALY?
Participants will attend a two-day retreat in August, one full-day session each month September –March, and a graduation event in April. During the last months of the program, you will attend planning sessions and spend some time outside of class working on your team project. Basically, ALY runs the length of the school year.

Q: What do I do during a typical ALY day?
Each month you will meet with your class at a different host site in Federal Way. You’ll get morning and afternoon snacks and a full lunch at each session. The day starts with warm-up activities and a session overview. There may be a guest speaker or panel on the day’s theme, followed by a group activity. Most days will include field trips to other locations that expand on the theme, then back to the host site for lunch and feedback. The afternoon focuses on leadership exercises and reflection. Expect honest, challenging conversations and experiences!

Q: Will I be missing school on ALY days?
We schedule your ALY sessions on non-school days whenever possible. Occasionally, we have to hold a session on a school day. You will receive the full schedule in advance, so you’ll have plenty of time to make arrangements for your ALY days.

Q: Is it true I can get high school credit for ALY?
Yes. Upon successful completion of the program, you will earn one elective credit. (Note: credit is currently available for students of Federal Way Public Schools only.)

Q: What do I get out of ALY?
The skills you gain through our program will enable you to be an effective leader at school, work and in community service. No matter where you’re headed after high school, your ALY experience will have a lasting impact on your success. In addition, you will make connections with students and adult leaders that can result in other leadership opportunities beyond ALY.

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